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Publication 2015 ExpCos Madecassoside DOUMECQ C. Targeting atopy-prone skin. Expression Cosmétique, 2015, N° Hors-Série, pp. 212-216. ISSN 2108-1956
Publication 2015 ExpCos Centella in Madagascar

HUMBERT V. Centella in Madagascar: A case in point. Expression Cosmétique, 2015, N°35, pp. 144-145. ISSN : 2108-1956

Poster 2014 IFSCC Paris Madecasssoside PETIT V. et al., New investigations on the benefits of Madecassoside in inflamed skin, IFSCC Paris, 28-30/10/2014. Poster 382
Poster 2014 IFSCC Paris Heterosides

PETIT V. et al., New findings on Heterosides of Centella asiatica in enhancing the skin barrier function, IFSCC Paris, 28-30/10/2014. Poster 287

Poster 2014 IFSCC Paris Embelia Extract PETIT V. et al., New insights on Embelia Extract versus hyper-reactive skin, IFSCC Paris, 28-30/10/2014. Poster 289
Poster 2013 SCC NY Heterosides

PETIT V. et al., New beneficial effects of Heterosides of Centella asiatica in skin barrier function and anti-wrinkle. SCC NY, 12-13/12/2013.

Poster 2013 SCC NY Embelia PETIT V. et al., Embelia Extract in neurosensitive and reactive skin. SCC NY, 12-13/12/2013.
Publication 2013 ExpCos Heterosides

DOUMECQ C. et al. New insights on Madagascan Centella asiatica. Expression Cosmétique, 2013, N° Hors-Série, pp. 231-235. ISSN 2108-1956 .

Publication 2013 PHM Serdex in Madagascar HUMBERT V., et al. Serdex in Madagascar : Pioneering good collecting practice and sustainable development. Pure Health Magazine, 2013, April/May, pp. 26-27. ISSN 2046-2735.
Poster 2012 IFSCC Johannesburg Heterosides

PETIT V. et al., Heterosides of Talapetraka Stimulate Biosynthesis of Specific Ceramides in Human Keratinocytes to improve Stratum Corneum Function. IFSCC Congress Johannesburg 2012 - Poster 363

Poster 2011 SCC NY Taladvance™ PETIT V. et al., 2011, New biological concepts based on original Centella asiatica phytochemical composition SCC NY, 8-9/12/2011
Poster 2009 SID Ambora CHANTELOUBE F. et al, Advances in Rosacea Symposium - Ambora Extract. Rosacea physiology and regulation pathways. SID Congress, May 2009 - Poster #22 and Oral presentation
Poster 2008 SCC NY Ambiaty CHANTELOUBE F. et al., 2008, Ambiaty Extract Remarkable Activity on Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) and Skin Aging. SCC NY, 1-2/12/2008
Poster 2007 SCC NY Asiatic acid LOISEAU A. et al., 2007, Original Antiglycation & Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Asiatic acid. SCC NY, 6-/12/2007
Poster 2006 IFSCC Osaka Madecassoside LOISEAU A. et al., Latest results on Madecassoside: Activation of Aquaporin-3 and Filaggrin, Awakening o f the epidermal recovery cycle. 24th IFSCC Congress Osaka 2006 - Poster PC 022
Publication 2005 SÖFW Madecassoside LEPETIT J.-C., Madecassoside : immune regulation of psoriasis-like disorders by natural anti-inflammatory active ingredient, SÖFW-journal, 2005, vol. 131, n°4, pp. 28-34, ISSN 0942-7694
Poster 2005 IACD Madecassoside IVth World Congress of the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology (IACD) July 3–5, 2005 Palais des Congrès, Paris, France
Oral communication 2005 EADV Madecassoside European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology biological implication in wound healing
Poster 2004 European Congress on Psoriasis Madecassoside LOISEAU A.. et al., Vegetal Extract with anti-inflammatory properties. European Congress on Psoriasis, Paris, 21-24/10/2004
Publication 2003 C&T Madecassoside SEGOND C. et al. Innovative natural active ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties. Cosmetics and toiletries, 2003, vol. 118, n°11, pp. 63-68. ISSN 0361-4387
Poster 2003 SCC NY Madecassoside SEGOND C. et al, Latest results on Centella Asiatica. From Wound healing mechanism to Cosmetic Uses. SCC, New York, 2005
Publication 2002 Euro Cosmetics Genins LOISEAU A. et al. Evidencing the Anti-microbial properties of Centella asiatica. Euro Cosmetics, 2002, 10, pp.20-22
Poster 2001 SCC NY TECA LOISEAU A. et al. Mechanisms of action of Centella asiatica: Effects on dermal fibroblasts using the cDNA array technology. SCC NY, 2001
Publication 2000 C&T Centella LOISEAU A.; MERCIER M.. Centella asiatica and skin care. Cosmetics and toiletries, 2000, vol. 115, n°6, pp. 63-67, ISSN 0361-4387
Publication 1998 PCA Genins LOISEAU A.. Centella asiatica : quel avenir en cosmétologie? Parfums Cosmétiques Actualités, 1998, n°142, pp. 67-71, ISSN 1267-0812