Ambiaty extract

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Mature skin - Anti-aging, Skin firming

Activation of collagen IV synthesis at D10


INCI Name Water (and) Glycerin (and) Vernonia Appendiculata Leaf Extract
Plant Vernonia Appendiculata
Extract form Liquid
Extract type Titrated extract
Specific markers Chlorogenic & isochlorogenic acids

Biological activities

Dermal-epidermal junction repair
Structure reinforcement (Collagen IV)
Stimulation of the anchoring system (Cytokeratin 14, Laminin 5, Nidogen)
Communication improvement (Integrin α6β4)

Derme protection from the main stresses related to aging
Anti-glycation, anti-oxidant, anti-MMP

GAGs stimulation


Recommended % : 1 - 2%
Formulation guidelines : soluble in water, pH between 4 and 7, do not heat above 40°C